(H8)Synthesis and Control of Network-structure Robots

Overactuator mechanisms are expected to generate high power with the cooperation of many small actuators. For an example of overactuator mechanisms, we have proposed the network-structure robot which was composed of many multi-jointed links and lineractuators connected with each other with revolute joints. Network-structure modules as the minimum unit of the network-structure were systematically synthesized. And then an arbitrary large scale network-structure could be obtained by connecting the network-structure modules. A new control scheme based on the motions of the representative points on network-structure modules was also proposed. CP-control of an output link of a planar and a spatial network-structure robots could be achieved.

Fig.1 Fig.2
Prototype of Planar Network-structure Robot with 12 DOF and 13 Actuators Prototype of Spatial Network-structure Robot with 5 DOF

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