(S2)Estimation of Sound Power Radiating from Thin Plate Subjected to Random Collision of Flying Objects

Aiming to estimate the sound power radiating from a thin rectangular plate subejected to random collision of flying small object such as bottom plate of a vhicle and baounced gravels, time history of impact force is precisely measured with a rigid body pendulum equipped with a force sensor and is approximated with a mathematical function. Frequency spectra of vibration and noise radiation of a rectangular plate on which various fyling objects strike are then e gear having very thin body, the modal analysis and the forced vibration analysis of a thick cylinder with a circular plate and a solid shaft were carried out. And then frequency spectrum of the radiating sound power could be precisely estimated and was experimentally validated.
Fig.1   Fig.2   Fig.3
Expermental aparatus for impact force Approximation of impact force Estimation of sound power radiating from a rectangular plate subjected to random impacts

* This research is a collaborative research with Mazda Motor Corporation.

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