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Welcome to IWATSUKI Lab., Tokyo Tech. !

We do our best for research and education on

  1. Synethesis and Control of Hyper Redundant Robots to establish design and control methods for high performance robots with hyper redundancy
  2. Mechanisms for Flexible Robots
  3. Silent Engineering to precisely estimate noise power from vibrating mechanical structures and to optimize structures to reduce noise
We welcome anyone who are intersted in our research fields!

*Iwatsuki Lab cooperates Miura Lab, ME department. We hold joint research meetings and several events including lab trip or party.


2022.3.7 Last updated.


To ME students who want to join laboratories for their Indepented Research Project(2023.2.17)

Explanatory meetings for Iwatsuki Lab will be held onsite or via ZOOM as following schedule. Anyone who want to attend these meetings will send an email with a subject 'Online explanatory meeting on the date' and their student number and name in the body and will then join using the following meering ID and PassCode in case of online meetings

1st: 11:00-12:00, March 1(Wed), 2023縲via ZOOM
ZOOM ID: 914 4013 0753縲PC: 78pv3X
2nd: 14:00-15:00, March 3(Fri), 2023縲via ZOOM
ZOOM ID: 982 8429 3604縲PC: Cq7sxJ
3rd: 14:00-15:00, March 9(Thu), 2023縲onsite
Site: Ishikawadai 1 Bldg., 1F, Room 152
4th: 14:00-15:00, March 13(Mon), 2023縲via ZOOM
ZOOM ID: 965 0078 8125縲PC: 9pMKAn
5th: 14:00-15:00, March 20(Mon), 2023縲onsite
Site: Ishikawadai 1 Bldg., 1F, Room 152
6th: 14:00-15:00, March 28(Tue), 2023 onsite
Site: Ishikawadai 1 Bldg., 1F, Room 152

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