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The 2nd Design Contest for Advanced Mechatronics Systems

Date: May 18, 2002 (Saturday)
Place: Koganei Campus, Faculty of Engineering, Hosei University
Theme: Picking balls on/in water up 2002
Outline of contest: Two kinds of marbles that the diameter and the color are different sink in the bottom of the water tank, and two kinds of super balls with different diameter and color is floating on the water tank. When a mechatronics system puts marbles of a small diameter or super balls of a large diameter out the water tank and put them in the specified boxes, a team gets scores. When the mechatronics system puts marbles of a large diameter or super balls of a small diameter out outside of the water tank, the team looses scores. The score in the limitation time competes.

Entry: (1) 2 teams, Hayashi-Iwatsuki Lab., Dept. of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
(2) 3 teams, Tanaka Lab., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Hosei University
(3) 2 teams, Terada Lab., Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Yamanashi University
Result: The 1st place : 'Team Shimada', Tokyo Institute of Technology
The 2nd place : 'Suicide attack boys-team A', Tokyo Institute of Technology
*Our Lab. : We monopolized the victory and the second place and then succeeded to recaptured the trophy, Iwao Hayashi Cup!
Building a prototype Built mechatronics system
(Team Shimada)
Built mechatronics system
(Suicide attack boys-team A)
In contest
In contest A social gathering party
Victory ceremony (Iwao Hayashi Cup)