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The 7th Design Contest for Advanced Mechatronics Systems

Date: May 19, 2007 (Saturday)
Place: Kofu Campus, Yamanashi University
Theme: Don't be late to pour hot water into a cup! (Cup noodle server)
Outline of contest: Wrapped cup noodles with different size are given. A mechatronics system should peel the wrapping, open its cap and pour hot water into the cup. Three minutes later, the mechatronics system should remove the cap and serve the cup to referee. The time required to clear the game is evaluated and the fastest system win the game.
Entry: (1) 2 teams, Iwatsuki-Okada Lab., Dept. of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
(2) Tanaka Lab., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Hosei University
(3) 2 teams, Terada Lab., Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Yamanashi University
(4) Ouchi Lab., Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Yamanashi University
(5) Kagawa Lab., Dept. of Mechanical System Engineering, Takushoku University
Result: The 1st place : 'Nihon Hitoritabi', Ouchi Lab., Yamanashi University
The 2nd place : 'KISIMO', Terada Lab., Yamanashi University
The 3rd place : 'FREEDOM', Iwatsuki-Okada Lab., Tokyo Institute of Techonology
Technology Prize : 'akiyama', Terada Lab., Yamanashi University
Idea Prize : 'Sakuma-Hayato', Kagawa Lab., Takushoku University
Zojirushi Prize : 'Team Yutaka', Tanaka Lab., Hosei University
Fighting Spirit Prize : 'OH!', Iwatsuki-Okada Lab., Hosei University

*Our Lab. : We failed in 4th straight victory.